Personalized Beach Towels - Tropical Pink

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$ 23.95
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Our personalized beach towels in solid colors are larger than our printed pattern towel.  A necessity for water recreation, our beach towel is highly absorbent and hemmed for extra durability. Made of soft cotton terry velour and measuring 35x62 inches make these towels perfect for comfortable lounging at all of your favorite outdoor spots.

These beach towels may be embroidered with name or initials at no additional cost!

Monogramming is normally done 4-6" from the towel's edge and can be no longer than 10.5". The font selected and the length of the name will dictate how large the actual letters can be monogrammed. General rule of thumb is that names 6 characters or less are monogrammed around 2" tall, names 6 - 10 characters are around 1.75" tall (Again, font will play a role in length). Names longer than 10 characters would need to be reduced accordingly to fit in the 10.5" window. Longer names should consider using initials.


How thick is the beach towel?   Beach towels are designed to be thinner than bath towels.  Bath towels are subjected to more water, so it’s necessary for them to be thicker and more absorbent.  A beach towel doesn’t have to be extra fluffy to be comfortable  In fact, a towel too thick could make your beach trip a pain.  Beach towels are the perfect weight for quicker drying.  Our comfortable, soft beach towels are thin enough to fold easily into a compact space.  That will allow you to stuff it in your beach tote without taking up too much room.