Left: Heather Whiting (Owner) - Right: Kristi Russell (Business Manager)


I’d like to preface this “About Us” by writing that I’m not a writer.  If I could put an “About Us” page into a spreadsheet and crunch it like a good column of numbers, I would!  We like to make products and get them out as quickly as possible, but I’ve been told this is a necessity.  Fortunately, I found a list of the six common mistakes made on an “About Us” page.  I’m going to grade myself at the bottom. 

Moonbeam Baby has been serving customers since 2005.  I started this business after moving to Charlottesville, VA from Austin, TX.  I had one boy and I was 34 weeks pregnant (with boy number 2).

A few months after having, Jaden, I felt the need to do something, but I wasn’t sure what that was. Before kids, I worked in the cable television industry with stints in finance and as a product development director.  I missed my job back in Austin. After Jaden spit up on me day-after-day, it all became clear.  I will build a company based on a four letter word – SPIT.  Given the time constraints, and not wanting to work outside of the house while my children were young, I found myself experimenting with fabric and an old sewing machine.  I managed to squeeze in about an hour a day while the boys napped.  It wasn’t long before I had created a product line consisting of burp cloths and hooded towels. 

Now what?  So, like anyone wanting to make money would do, I gave stuff away!  If any of my friends needed a baby gift, I just made it and gave it to them.   I began attending fairs and craft shows in Charlottesville.  The website and another baby boy followed.  The orders started rolling in, and the next thing I know, I have an internet based business and three kids – all boys.  

In 2007, we moved to Flower Mound, Texas with our three boys in tow.   I started working with a supplier to develop an exclusive diaper for burps cloths, producing/designing clothing and building relationships with some fantastic companies like Mint and Beba Bean. 

Moonbeam Baby would not be successful without the wonderful people we have the pleasure of working with every day.  The company has been a blessing for my family and we make sure that it is a blessing for others.  Serving the military has been an honor.  I can’t imagine having a child while one’s spouse is deployed.  In 2012, we were named honorary “Dark Knights” by the Department of the Air Force.  It is interesting how appreciative they are with us providing gifts to expectant families given that they risk their lives for us.  

How did I do?

  1. Not having an “About Us” page – just fixed it.
  2. No full name - ✅
  3. No picture -✅
  4. The writing is boring.  Hmmm – that’s up to you, but I think it’s captivating.
  5. Using only a video – not a problem as I don’t have a video at all. 
  6. Going on and on!  I do tend to do that. 

What do you think?  Is a B+ too generous?  

I hope you enjoy your experience shopping with Moonbeam Baby.   We always say you can’t have a bad day making gifts for babies and kids. Heather Whiting

The Moonbeam Baby Service Commitment

First, let us say "Thank You" for shopping at Moonbeam Baby. We do our very best to bring you unique and personalized gifts so you'll never have trouble finding the perfect baby gift for any baby or new mom.

We are committed to providing you the very best service possible:

  • If you need something quickly, let us know, we will let you know if we can make it happen for you.
  • If you want something a little different than what you see in the store, let us know, we will see if we can make it for you.
  • We want you to look to us as your "go to" store for personalized gifts so let us know how we are doing and what we can do better!

Thanks for shopping and have fun!