Personalized Burp Cloth Stars & Moon

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Wrap your little star in heavenly softness with our personalized burp cloth adorned with stars and moons. Introducing our Personalized Burp Cloth Stars & Moon, a must-have for every parent in need of practical and stylish baby essentials. Enhance your baby's nursery with our exclusive Stars & Moon personalized burp cloth.

Crafted from 100% cotton diaper service quality fabric, it guarantees the softest texture that your little one deserves. The absorbency of these exclusive burp cloths surpasses all expectations, making them one of the hardest-working items in any parent's arsenal. Not only does it effortlessly clean up messes while protecting clothing, but its durability ensures long-lasting use that will stand the test of time and countless wash cycles on gentle settings with cold water and low heat drying ensuring its vibrant design remains intact.

Our exclusive burp cloths are created using a 100% cotton diaper service quality diaper which measures 20L x 14W. All cotton burps will naturally shrink and quilt when washed. This is normal and adds to the absorbency and texture of the item. We suggest that you wash the burp cloths on gentle cycle in cold water and dry on low heat.

Burp cloth(s) are folded and bound with a tulle bow.