Hooded Beach Towel Green Stripes

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$ 42.95
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Our custom made towels are made so that they grow with a child - starting with wrapping them tight after a bath as infants through the years they will run around the house with them pretending to be super hero’s!  

Who doesn't love rugby stripes?  If you're more of a stripes kid than a polka dot kid, this hooded beach towel is for you. So many colors work with the bright green and white stripes, but our favorites are navy and hot pink.  

Personalize your beach towel with your little one's name (only $6.00 more).

The personalized hooded towel is constructed from a full size beach towel (30" x 60") and 100% cotton velour, so it's sure to keep them warm, cozy and dry.

Moonbeam Baby hooded towels are big enough to last for years.


Is the green/white striped pattern printed on both side?  No, it is only on the front of the towel. 

How thick is the beach towel?   Beach towels are designed to be thinner than bath towels.  Bath towels are subjected to more water, so it’s necessary for them to be thicker and more absorbent.  A beach towel doesn’t have to be extra fluffy to be comfortable  In fact, a towel too thick could make your beach trip a pain.  Beach towels are the perfect weight for quicker drying.  Our comfortable, soft beach towels are thin enough to fold easily into a compact space.  That will allow you to stuff it in your beach tote without taking up too much room.