Personalized Bib Light Pink White Dots

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Spit happens, but with our Personalized Bib in Light Pink White Dots, your nursery theme will stay stylish while baby stays clean! Add baby's name for a custom touch that'll make this bib a must-have in every diaper bag.

Introducing our beautiful Personalized Bib in Light Pink White Dots! This adorable bib is the perfect addition to any nursery theme, adding a touch of sweetness and charm. Made from soft fabric, it's designed to keep those messy moments at bay while still looking stylish.  Imagine how cute your little one will look wearing this personalized bib during mealtime or when out and about in their diaper bag. It's not just a practical accessory; it's a keepsake that celebrates your baby's uniqueness. 

Pair the Light Pink White Dots personalized bib with its matching personalized burp cloth to make a set.

The bib is 100% cotton and measures 12x9 and is made with an absorbent layer between  layers of fabric.